Worldwide GHCNv2 Temperature Data

Month-by-month count of observations from each country in the GHCN-v2 data set

Month-by-month animation of the locations of stations with data in the GHCN v2.

As Anthony Watts and volunteers went about collecting site compliance information for meteorological stations included in the GHCNv2 data set, I got curious about the data set itself.

Visualizing the data can reveal a lot of information (or lack of information) as was shown recently by Anthony Watts and Stephen McIntyre when their work uncovered calculation errors in the GISS data set.

What I really wanted to see was data coverage and time series for every station included in the GHCN data. The information on these pages is the result of a few days work slicing and dicing the data set.


Currently, the navigation system is awful. Using the links below, you can navigate to the home page for the WMO Region where the country you are looking for is located. (Your browser's find function may come in handy). On that page, there will be a link to all the countries in that region. When follow the link for a given country, you will see a list of WMO station number for that country.

If you do not know the WMO station number for the station you are looking for, you can use the station locator provided by the NWS.

Data Sources

As luck would have it, I accessed the date files below on August 8, 2007. As I was writing this document in the afternoon on August 9th, I noticed that the files had just been updated. Based on diff output, the only change seems to be the addition of July 2008 temperatures.

Currently, it takes several hours for my programs to plot all the graphs. As such, it might take some time before I update the graphics using the updated data set. In the mean time, I will see if I can write a program to output temperature anomaly graphs as well.