Global Land/Sea Temperature Anomalies (1850-2007)

The data set used here is available by HTTP at

For the animation on this page, I used the HADCRUT3 of land and sea surface air temperature anomalies on a 5 degree by 5 degree gridbox basis.

∆T>5 5≥∆T>4 4≥∆T>3 3≥∆T>2 2≥∆T>1
1≥∆T>0 0≥∆T>-1 -1≥∆T>-2 -2≥∆T>-3 -4≥∆T


I used the same set of scripts as I did to process the CRUTEM3 land temperature anomalies.

Comparison with GISS Data

Here is the the frame for January 1881 along with the same frame from the GISS data set for comparison:

Jan 1881 (HADCRUT3)Jan 1881 (GISS)
[ HADCRUT3 World Temperature Anomalies, January 1881 ][ GISS World Temperature Anomalies, January 1881 ]

reduced in both dimensions by 50%. I do not know the reason for the difference. I am more than a little baffled by it. I will keep examining my work to see if the discrepancy is due to an error I made.

The Video

Once I had the sequence of 1885 frames (one frame per month, from January 1850 to January 2007), I used VirtualDub to convert it to an MPEG4 encoded AVI at 4 frames per second (that is, every second in the animation corresponds to four months).

FYI, it takes about 10 minutes to generate all the frames and about five minutes to encode them on a low end laptop. The resulting video file is about 80 Mb.