Observation counts in GHCN-v2 by country, month and year

Month-by-month count of observations from each country in the GHCN-v2 data set

Animation of GHCNv2 Station Locations with Data

Month-by-month animation of the locations of stations with data in the GHCN v2.

Frames for Australia (1991—1993).

Classification of GHCN-v2 station by data availability in the period 1992—2006

U.K. Met Office CRU Station Data

Here is a look at the CRU station data released by the U.K. Met Office.

GHCN-v2 Global Monthly Mean Temperatures

Monthly mean temperature time series graphs for every (I hope) station in the GHCN-v2.

GISS Global Temperature Anomalies

Following some discussion on Steve McIntyre’s ClimateAudit, I got curious about the world temperature dataset provided by the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. I especially wanted to be able to visualize the data in such a way as to give an indication of month-to-month changes in temperature anomalies as well as being able to see areas of missing data.

Read more about my adventures with the GISS Temperature Data ...

I also put together a map of GISS station locations around the world.

CRUTEM3 Global Temperature Anomalies

I turned my attention next to the CRUTEM3 data set. This data set is available in text format which makes it much easier to work with. Read more about Animation of global temperature anomalies using CRUTEM3.

While CRUTEM3 contains only land air temperature anomalies, HADCRUT3 has both land and sea surface air temperature anomalies. Conceptually, combining the two is a little odd as sea temperatures are rarely measured at a fixed location over time. However, my interest, at this point is only in visualizing all of the data. You can find the animation of global land/sea surface air temperature anomalies using HADCRUT3 data set here.

Jones (1990) Global Temperature Anomalies

While the raw data format provided at http://cdiac.ornl.gov/ndps/ndp020.html was little difficult to understand initially, the Fortran code provided compiled with no problems using g77 enabling me to transform original data to a format suitable for frame generation. Read more and watch animation of global temperature anomalies 1851-1990 using this data set.

All Animations

I will be adding future animations to my climate playlist on YouTube.